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Some of you may know that I competed in the North Carolina Leather Contest last month and placed first runner-up. Blue will be a great title-holder and the highlight of the weekend was getting to know him.

There was excellent feedback from the judges and encouragement from people whom I respect highly. Their input and the encouragement of my family has led me to register to compete for Mr. SouthEast Leather at SELF. I had a great experience in NC and hope to have the same in Atlanta.

Here is the fun part. Contestants build auction baskets to raise money for the travel fund for the title-holders, so now I'm working on building these baskets. I am asking everyone to help by donating items to help support SELF and the title-holders. In exchange for these donations, your business cards or other promotional materials will be included in the baskets.

We've decided to build three themed baskets instead of one large basket.
  • Bondage basket:: items related to bondage, especially rope (go figure!!!).
  • Medical play basket: bloodsport items, sharps, all kinds of fun stuff
  • Domestic service: it's not glorious, but putting together a fantasy domestic service basket
Please contact me offline at nefariousinnc (at) gmail (dot) com  or at fetlife (nefariousinnc).

Thank you all in advance for your generosity and well-wishes.

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